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Outdoor Visits of International Students from NCEPU

I. NCEPU International student Visit to IEEV CHINA 2016

Beijing or the city of future, it’s nevertheless a fact. Being a Beijinger one must bean ill-fated who somehow fails to witness the most conversant and knowledgeable expositions that conducts inside the city. As for me and my international student team from North China Electric Power University;attending the most technological diversified exhibition like ‘China International Exhibition on Green and Energy Efficient Vehicles’ (IEEV CHINA)was nothing less than a marvel. The expo underwent from 13th-16thOct 2016 and took place inside Beijing national convention centre. The eventaimed to promote Chinese energy-saving and new energy automobile industry also for the implementation of energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan (2012-2020).

North China Electric Power University International student's community


My personal experience was spectacular once I entered to the exhibition hall. It made me felt like I have enter a new era of technology as seeing models of many automobile brands like BMW, AUDI, VOLVO, CHEVROLET, BYDAUTO, ANKAI BUS andTOYOTA all together in one place. I was inspired to see all of the world’s renowned automobile marks have the EV-energy efficient automobile models insideexhibit booth and it made me satisfied to see all the automobile creators have considered the fact that they must save the raw sources of energy for the coming generation and use electricity efficiently even on roads.

eVautomobile Cars show.

I must say, attending the event was quite informative for me and for my team as many of them have the research and major fields relative to the statistics of exhibition. In the end the team hoped for such educational events in the near future. You can see the group photo of the international student community representing their school.

Acheerful group photo of some international students.

In all fairness, the exhibition was quiet successful as seeing many local and international nationals coming through to witness the exhibition after all it was a crowd attracting and well organized event. I am certain, exhibitions like these will help china to promote the new energy automotive industries and thatfuture is no far when this technology will fuel the transportation on roads in many part of the world. See you next year Blue China.

II. 2016 Visit to Beijing Huiyuan Food & Beverage Co., Ltd. Shunyi factory

In order to letinternational students understand the culture of Chinese companies, and preparefor the upcoming business Chinese courses. In November 16, 2016, Teachers of the International Education Institute lead more than 30 students to visit theBeijing Huiyuan Food & Beverage Co., Ltd. Shunyi factory.

Huiyuan Group wasestablished in 1992, is a widely known brand of juice. After we arrived,staff first led us to the exhibition hall, watching the corporate videos.Mainly including Huiyuan 100% fruit juice production process, the CompanyPhilosophy and social responsibility and so on. "Bringing Good Life,Natural Nutrition" The company uses fresh fruits and vegetables, providingno added juice. In addition, Xinli Zhu , the China Dream of chairman Xinli Zhu,"Great China, big agriculture, Great Contribution" is impressive.

Later on, we visited the exhibition hall of a range of products, studentsshow a strong interest. Everyone also tasted the the prepared juice. Finally,We went into the Huiyuan factory production line. The staff tell us the Huiyuan  juice production process: ingredients - degassing - high pressure homogenization - ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization - filling -paste stickers cover - Coding - packing - storage. There are only a few workersin the production line, to ensure the quality of the product. The interpreter activelyanswered  questions that students asked.

The factory tour is meaningful for international students,which strengthen their understanding of Chinese culture, especially Chinese corporate culture.Training the use of Chinese communication skills, which will be helpful forthem.

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